If you want access to the wisdom and advice of top arts professionals,

what are your options?


Tuition for 4 years of art school?  $150,000.00-$190,000.00.

Tuition and Travel for a 5 day workshop?  $3,000.00-$5,000.00.

These are great options, but not everyone can afford the time or expense.

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There's power in mentoring.

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But it's not easy to access the wisdom of busy, successful professionals. 

until now.

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Now there's an easy, cost-effective way for artists to get personalized, one-on-one input and coaching.


What is THE VALUE OF A PERSONAL CONVERSATION with a top-tier, art-world professional?

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What if it helps you reach your creative and career goals?

expert advice can change your life

there's satisfaction in helping others

experience their own creative & career breakthroughs.


OF EXPERT ADVICE & coaching.

That's why we created

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- David Michael Slonim

David Michael Slonim, Artist, Author, Speaker

David Michael Slonim, Artist, Author, Speaker


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Dedicated to the memory of Bob Farlow (1931-2008)

My mentor for 20 years.


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